Toxic love
Toxic love  narcissistic abuse stories
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Short poem about recovery from narcissistic abuse, C-PTSD recovery

Toxic love

Remember the days When we used to hold hands Walking in sunshine Along idyllic sands

The sounds of the waves Crashing up on the beach You were so full of knowledge You needed to teach

I stood beside you Just taking it in “Gosh he is so clever” “I am so dim”

I thought things were good In those halcyon days Before you shouted and berated me For not changing my ways.

You could be charming Lovely and nice Took pictures for Facebook Of our “perfect life”

Are these the better times You talk about now? Only when I look at the pictures I see the story they don’t tell

For many people I’m sure that it seems We had it all Please don’t shatter those dreams

But it was more of a nightmare We were living in hell All that negative energy You cast like a spell

I felt like a child I covered my ears I just wanted peace But you thrived on my fears

You were only ever happy When we all had to conform He knows what’s right Don’t you know that’s the norm

You won’t disobey him If you know what’s best As surely his temper You don’t want to test

“He only does it because he cares” “He just wants me home” “I’m being foolish” I tell myself So don’t start to moan

As I pull up in the car Feel my pounding heart Look at his face Know the torture will start

Your words are a weapon They cut like a knife My head is spinning I’m shaking inside

Take a deep breath Now just say your sorry He loves you, he needs you You don’t need to worry

Just change your ways It will all be alright If you make him happy The dark can turn bright

But the truth is there’s no lightness Between me and you You suffocated and destroyed me Outside everyone’s view

I’m leaving you now As I need time to heal You think you’re the victim You had the ordeal

Well here’s to a future Where I’m not with you I set myself free From the darkness you drew

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