I realised why it was me.
I realised why it was me. self-esteem stories

beccashannon I like to pour out my soul through words
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I realized things about why my life was not going the way I wanted it to

I realised why it was me.

I used to look at you The things you would do The people you would talk to The events you would go to And I would think

Why not me? Why was I not invited? Why was I not included? Why was I not thought of? Why not me?

Then I let it go But not completely It still lingered there Sitting at the back of my mind Why was I not there?

Then it clicked one day It was my fault You were not to blame I was closed off From you, from everyone

So I opened myself up I told you about my interests I let you know when I was free I asked about the things you were doing I messaged you first

And it worked Slowly but surely I done more things I had more conversations I went to more events

It was not you It was me And I have the proof You open yourself up to people The more people open themselves up to you.

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