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beccaannbrown just a poet sort of 💖♌️
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a man makes a realization


the girl was small yet mighty: an ant scuttling across the sand with ten times her weight on her back. all the while, she smiled and hummed her pain away. after many days of watching this, i stopped her and asked, “how do you do it?”

her lips quirked up at the corners and she straightened her posture a bit, squaring her feet up up with the frame of her hips. somehow, this made her look larger than life - a deity

come down from the heavens to walk among us. “happily,” she chirped, exposing her dirty and cracked teeth. “but where do you get such strength? how do you find the will to take on such an impossible burden every day?”

she laughed a wild reckless sound that filled the open air. “because i must. and so i do.” the small girl resumed her humming and went on with her work. as i watched her i felt shame creeping into my bones. strength, i realized, comes not from resolve or will. it comes from women.

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