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original poem

title poem if my new poetry book on wattpad called 'prejudice'

+pictures i used is from Agust D new MVs 'Agust D' and 'Give it to me'. in my opinion his mixtape in a way resembles the things that are going through my head. thank you for reading


by beautiflare

Just like beauty is terror, adults dont let this era to be real.

Teens feel the horror Of becoming an error ready to kill our minds.

Do you believe what you see? Cuz I refuse.

I can taste the revolution In every breathing subsitution And we dont need no medication to fit anyone's limitations

we are human we are feelings thoughts and souls

we wander the earth aimlessly but I have a reason purpose and objective

I have no plan but im not stopping because im a teen of the last generation

the one that will break the limits just like in the past we once did it

we now rise to tell them be ready we aint sleeping

and we are coming going till the very end.

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