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appreciate what you have, while you still have it.
you're privileged more than you think.


by beautiflare

The other day me and my friends did the privilege test. As I expected I am privileged quite a lot, but to be honest, not as much as I expected to be.

I expected to get 70 points or so (out of 100) and I only scored 50. And that actually stunned me. Not because I feel like I am living a great life, but because I realized how much I didn't have.

I'm not playing a victim. I'm a white teenage girl, living in quite accepting community, with both my parents. Yes, my parents are not rich people, but I never struggled. At least I though so.

While doing the test I remembered that I had to face the hunger and deficiency of simple needs. I forgot about the fear I had as a child and the conditions that formed me to the person I am today

That quickly made me realize, how quickly we forget the hard times while living in comfort. And we don't realize how quickly we can lose everything and struggle all over again.

Apreciate the struggles you had and appreciate the comfort you're enjoying now. But also remember that there are always people who struggle more than you do. Stay grounded.

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