I was a prodigy

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Hard work beats talent if talent doesn't work.
my life through school years

I was a prodigy

by beautiflare


My mother told me that when she was pregnant with me, she prayed God to give me wisdom like king Salamon had. I guess her prayers were heard and her wish fulfilled.

Early childhood

Since very young age I was discovered by various people telling me what a great life I will have. Before kindergarden I was singing, acting and doing various entertainment in local villages.


Later on I had to skip preschool and go straight to elementary. I constantly was a top student in all my classes and used to even compete with kids who were older than me by few grades.

Middle school

Things changed. My artistic reading skills were exalted again and I was bullied because of my abilities. Kids weren't satisfied with a younger girl surpassing them all. So I just stopped.

High school. Freshman year

For a girl who lived in a small village all her life, transfering to a school in a city really was a challenge. Since I have already made a fall in my studies, I haven't put much effort since.

Gladly, I managed to end the school year being in top10 in my class and I even got a chance to visit the Europe parliament with some other elected students as delegates of our country.

Sophmore year.

First months were okay. I was trying, though I already had no sense on how to study, teachers were satisfied, but I was drained. I never was a nerd, but this year is where it started to show off.

Junior year.

Skipping classes. Failing examinations. Health problems. I finished the year by pleading my teachers to give me satisfactory grades (lowest grade from a subject allowing to pass the class).


Moral of a story. Even if you have the talent that nobody has, it doesn't mean that you'll be successful. You need to work for it everyday, otherwise you'll end up like me.

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beautiflareamateur writer
a year ago
appreciate what you have, while you still have it....

beautiflareamateur writer
a year ago
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beautiflareamateur writer
a year ago
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erofaerSilver CommaHow can I be impressive in one sentence?
a year agoReply
Thank you for that lesson. Amazing story.

beautiflareamateur writer
a year agoReply
@lentis Yeah, it's all true! And thank you~ @sydney Well, for example my lil sister never had much talent (pretty much opposite of me), but she achieved so much (more than me tbh, and she just finished middle school), by hard work. And wow, she really has it going.

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
i somewhat wish i was a prodigy now. just to see what it's like....sounds like a lot of challenges but true learnings that came from it

lentisSilver CommaIf there's food, there's me
a year agoReply
Whoa is this a true story?? Sounds tough and you sound very wise!!!