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When you are not who he thought you were. When he takes back all the love he gave.

I miss you telling me i'm your favorite.

I miss you complementing me for the smallest achievements.

I miss your touch, your smile and your laugh that used to come out whenever i'm around.

I wish you told me that i've changed, that i no longer seem to be the same girl you used to love.

I wish you told me that i grew up, that i became diffrent, less fun and less loving.

I wish you told me that your preferences changed, and that your heart is in constant fluctuation.

But what you said was something else.

The words you said reached my heart and stabbed it, and everyday i can feel its blood dripping inside my body. I fear to drown in it, I start to find it hard to breath

You told me you were wrong, you were blind. That only now you can see the truth. That i am not who you thought i was. You lookd at me, and so coldly pushed me away.

I should have never been your daughter, because all this time i was just a lie.

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