The Death (Part 2)
The Death (Part 2) series stories

beatnikwndrlst I is someone else.
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We are sitting on the tip of the lions tongue.

The Death (Part 2)

My insides were screaming, and wailing.

I had a thousand yard stare.

I couldn't stop the playing of these details in my mind.

I tried to jar myself of this pain, this discord,

Nothing seemed to work.

It was like grieving for your best friend who had died.

I learned somewhere that you can trust a person with grief,

It is one thing that comes naturally to us.

But this was like grieving for someone close,

Someone who died centuries ago.

I was feeling my own mortality in this:

The worthlessness of my life.

We live so briefly, and we do all we can to live well;

But we have no choice in our death.

We have no choice in life.

As it was, I am no different than him.

I will live another ten to thirty years, only to allow my body to give out under me.

I would work myself to death.

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