The Death (Part 1)
The Death (Part 1) trauma stories

beatnikwndrlst I is someone else.
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"It was like mourning the death of someone who died long ago. One you didn't know."

The Death (Part 1)

I watched the end of the movie: I saw him die

He dreamed of his vision of the desert,

He was compelled to go

He stayed until he could not stand the pain anymore

He went home and they amputated

He didn't want them to amputate

Isabelle cared for him the best she could

He had no control over his body anymore

He felt pathetic

His leg became infected

He began to hallucinate carriages in the sky

He said someone has to save them

All he could think of was to go back to the sea

At some points he found himself lucid and completely terrified

Dying was not on his mind, but he was too weak, and eventually his body simply gave out.

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