The Child Of Darkness
The Child Of Darkness science fiction stories
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bchris8486 I like making poetry.
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I'm entering this for the sci-fi competition.

The Child Of Darkness

A woman and a man are walking through the forest carrying a baby. "Jake we need to hurry her pulse is getting weaker!" "Don't worry we'll make it.

" The woman and man arrive at an old cottage. They take each others hands and say, "From good to bad, we can make it through, and our love for each other is true.

" Something appears in front of them in the shape of a door. They open it and walk through. The man whispers under his breath. "If this saves my child, then so be it.

" An Old Lady steps out of the dark and says with a raspy voice, "Who dares intrude my home?"

" This startles the couple, but the man takes a step forward and says, "I am Jake and this is my wife Pearl." The Old Lady takes two more steps forward, "And the baby must be Lily."

" The couple stare at each other in amazement, then the woman says, "H-how did you know?" "I know many things, in fact I know why you are here, but are you sure you want to do it?"

"Yes," Jake and Pearl say together. The Old Lady reaches out her arms, motioning for them to give her the baby. Pearl hands their baby to the Old Lady.

The Old Lady puts the baby on a table and starts chanting. "Oui la peors simio!" The air around them suddenly becomes colder, and the baby opens its eyes and giggles.

The parents stare at their baby, they both say, "Her eyes...they're black, even the white part!" The Old Lady says, "Yes I know they will change over time though."

" Afterwards they thank the Old Lady and head home to their own cottage. The mom puts Lily in her bed and sings her a lullaby.

"Little angel so sweet and adorable, sleep so soundly in the night, and have sweet dreams filled with delight, sleep little angel tonight." Lily gurgles and reaches towards her mother.

The mom kisses her and then heads off to bed. During the night there is a slight pecking at the window in Lily's room.

Lily looks at the window and sees the tip of a branch hitting the window. Lily disappears in thin air and reappears in the forest. Her eyes become regular green eyes. Two big yellow eyes appear out of nowhere.

A man steps out of the dark. He looks surprised. "My what is a baby doing out here?" The man reaches down to grab the baby.

He chuckles then walks deeper into the forest. He arrives at a cave and enters it. There are wolves of all colors, shapes, and sizes. The man put the baby in a soft bed made of leaves and covers her with some wool.

The man walks to a spot on the floor and lays down. Lily drifts into a deep sleep. A rooster crows and wakes Lily up. She wonders out of the bed of leaves and goes outside of the cave. She goes to the river nearby and puts her hand in.

Someone picks her up before she can put her other hand in. She looks and sees that it was the man from yesterday. She gurgles then giggles. The man chuckles.

"Naughty little one aren't ya." He takes her back to the cave, but she disappears then reappears back at the river. She puts both of her hands in the river.

The water shapes itself to look like her mother and father. Then it falls back down. The man looks amazed, he says, "Well you certainly are special." Her eyes become all black again.

The man is stunned. He takes Lily back to the cave. "You need a name young one. How about Raven? It's the only one that came to mind. Welcome to the family Raven!"

To be Continued...

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