I Miss You by BBates

              I Miss You
                             by BBates in memory stories

bbates This is my journal please read along!!
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I miss you but will never forget you since you're forever in my heart

I Miss You by BBates

I Miss You

I'm writing this while holding back tears

It's not easy to say goodbye and forget when you've been the only person there I've had that raised me when my own parents wouldn't and you told me I could become greater when I felt a failure in life

Things like this make me reminisce constantly and wonder why the good people always have to leave the earth first

At night I lie awake and try my hardest to remember you there beside me

When I was a child you tucked me into bed and kissed my forehead goodnight. Then morning would soon arrive and breakfast was set on the table for a new day

I remember keeping on hoping that THEY would be back and take responsibility to raise me instead

This is because you are my grandma not my parents and you should be relaxing spending your days not watching over a reckless boy like me but you never once gave up or left me on my own

You have proven to me nobody could love me as unconditionally as you once did

I miss you gran and wish you were still here with me

I love you Grandma love Ben

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