Will You Come Back?
Will You Come Back? old lady stories

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Late night. Park chair. Where are you? Will you come back?

Will You Come Back?

I told him earlier that I'd be waiting for him no matter what. That's why I ignored the darkening sky and the growing silence.

I kept looking at the empty road, wondering if he'd forgotten that we were supposed to meet there that evening. That's when I heard a distant cry of a small girl.

I was startled and looked around. There was no one, except for an old lady who was walking with a stick near the big tree. I stared at her for a while until our eyes met.

She gave me a faint smile and gestured to come there. I stood up from the white park chair and started walking towards her.

When I went to her, she took me behind the tree and said in a trembling voice, "Child! You'd better go home! Girls aren't safe here now!" She held my hands and started crying.

I had no idea what to do. She then showed me a picture of a girl and said, "That's me before SHE...." Then she broke into tears.

I asked,"Who is this SHE?" Before she even answered, she looked behind me and cried - "That's her! Run!"

I turned back just to find a girl with blood all over her wrinkled face standing right behind me gazing at my eyes.

I screamed but I couldn't move! She had done something to me that I couldn't even close my eyes or move an inch! She gave me a torn red handkerchief and told me to wipe the blood off her face.

I was trying to move my hand when I realized I was sleeping on the floor of my room!

I was dreaming!! OMG! But the torn red handkerchief was still there in my hand!

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