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Tyler Dear

It was 11 already when the doorbell rang. I had just finished my dinner and was making my bed. “Who could be visiting me this late?”, I thought. Tyler looked at the door and then at me.

Of course, it’s always me who has to open the door. Sigh! I checked through the peephole and couldn’t see anyone standing outside. I then turned back and gave Tyler a scared look.

He kept staring at me with a blank look on his face. Then I turned the knob slowly and opened the door. There was a small package on the floor with a note that says, “Don’t tell him. Yet.”

Chills ran down my spine as I slowly picked up the brown package. I looked around just to see the motion sensor lights all off down the corridor. I hid the package as I closed the door.

“It was nothing, dear!”, I smiled. He couldn’t care less and went back to sleeping. I went and gave him a goodnight kiss on his forehead.

Then off to the living room to see what was in that package. I grabbed my phone and turned the torch on. “Don’t tell him. Yet.” The handwriting was familiar; I instantly knew whose it was.

It was love at first sight. Tyler – a name I'd always been fond of too. I knew he was mine and I was his when I first saw him. We had such a strong connection that I had to tell Mom about it.

She wasn’t as happy with it since she didn’t believe that it could work out. Dad was cool with it though.

According to him, as long as I was happy and could manage my studies without letting him become a distraction, I should go for it. So when the package with that note arrived, I was shocked.

The fire alarm woke me up. I checked the time – it was 11:52PM. I jumped off the sofa and saw the note on the table, but the package was nowhere to be seen.

Panicked and worried, I rummaged the whole room for it, constantly murmuring to myself, “NO. NO. He can't.” I could hear voices outside my door – “Go inside, everyone. It was a false alarm.

” – Phew! Now I'd more time to look for it.

I ran inside the bedroom; he was gone. And the empty brown package was lying there right on my bed.

The scary part wasn’t him finding out about it but the fact that I had no idea what it was inside the package, and he knew. “Tyler!”, I screamed as I ran to the kitchen. He wasn’t there too.

I took out my phone and called up Mom. Oh dear, she might be fast asleep. I hung up the phone when I heard some noise from the washroom.

“Tyler, is that you?” As I slowly walked up to the washroom, my phone rang; it was Mom. “Happy Birthday, Tyler!”, screamed Mom.

I opened the door and there he was, sitting on the floor, eating those treats. “Tyler! Bad dog! You scared the hell out of me!”, I laughed as I gave him a birthday kiss on his forehead.

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