Washed My Hands on You
Washed My Hands on You washed my hands on you stories

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Story by the Commaful writers!!!

Written by: @potatoesarefab , @kaylynn , @fallenshadow , @cherryme ,
@dawnvalley , @rockyraccoon , @mishtee14

Edited by: @carlafischer

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Washed My Hands on You

Did I really want this? To be called “not yours” anymore? Why … why do you have to be the one that I miss? I am still awake, even when it's already four, I was hurt, But why do I keep insisting for more? @potatoesarefab

I ask my core, How much more, Before it's over? I have tried so hard, To change this charade, But you can't erase, The touch of hate, Derived from a mate. @kaylynn

I have tried so hard, To change this charade, But you can't erase, The touch of hate, Derived from a mate. @kaylynn

No matter how many times I wash them clean, I cannot wash my hands of your stain, The memory of you cuts deep like a guillotine, Inside I am weak because you're branded in my brain. @fallenshadow

I have so many more questions here, You gave me no answers, I'm lost on this road now with no idea which way to steer, These feelings are spinning through me like a parade of dancers. @fallenshadow

Did I wash my hands on you, Or did you wash your hands on me? Was there a chance I blew, Or was it something you hid that I didn't see? @fallenshadow

These questions keep disturbing me, And make my every night sleepless; I keep tossing in my bed, And think: “Am I really worthless?” @cherryme

You were the reason once, Because of your dreams I loved to sleep; I wonder how things awfully changed! Now I just cry and weep! @cherryme

I lost my vision without you, And all these daydreams, where you're still in it, Make me wandering without a clue, And dragging me down into this pit. @dawnvalley

I miss that face when you looked at me, Like those days when we were drinking our wine, Now I'm here feeling lonely, Hallucinating, that you can still be mine. @dawnvalley

Because, although I see you no more, I had washed my hands on you before, You had once been the one to make me clean, Though your lack of love had to intervene. @rockyraccoon

Now I sit here with the grime on my hands, But the dirt is not like scars covered by bands. You gave those to me while I washed on you, Maybe, in the end, you were a clue. @rockyraccoon

My heart was cluttered with you— Feeling, despite I wanted nothing new, For the person you were once, They say true: Love is rare, life is strange, Nothing lasts, people change. You changed with walking bliss, Leaving behind a lot to miss. @mishtee14

So, I decided, In redeeming my every kiss, And just like you “had to”— I washed my hands on you, too. Every time you were bidding higher, I held my fist tight. With every thought to set the world onto fire, I tried avoiding the inner fight. @mishtee14

How can I be your saviour, When I was on my worst behaviour? Your buyer's treatment would be nothing new, Just like how I washed my hands on you. All I can say in dark, You are your only spark.— @mishtee14

CREDITS Written by: @potatoesarefab, @kaylynn, @fallenshadow, @cherryme, @dawnvalley, @rockyraccoon, @mishtee14 Edited by: @carlafischer

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