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An ugly cry

Travelling with Family

I always tell or should I say nag at my parents to take some days off so we could travel.

But they couldn't.

I know that they are busy everyday, working hard to provide us the needs. It is not easy as others would have given up earlier and probably would have forced us (my sister and I) to start working at young age.

But they don't want us to suffer. I understand.

While I was watching a variety show, the question of your memories with your parents were brought up.

The immediate memory was that of my dad paying for my CT scan and I started to cry because I'm making him pay more money.

And for my mother, it was her asking me exercise and lose weight everyday.

Why the memory of us going out or eating and chatting and simply having didn't pop up?

Why are they the memories of me being a disappoint and worthless?

//Now I want to travel to get rid of these ugly things//

//Though it's part of me, I don't want it to be the only memory of me... of us.//

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