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Spider-Man: Homecoming GIFs
Made purely from memory so some order might be different.
Contains a lot of spoilers but didn't include everything happened. Do tell me what other movie I can do next! Well enjoy!

Spider-Man: Homecoming GIFs

by Basharasweet

Spidey's intro in civil war. He secretly vlogged it and put it online.

'and I love you too captain.' - Spidey probably.

One of the epic fight.

"You have a metal arm? That is awesome!" 'Okay let's continue to fight' - Spidey.

"...There is a grey area, and that's where you operate..." Iron man's advise.

"Not a hug, I'm just grabbing the door for you." - Iron uncle sorry Iron man. *Can touch the awkwardness on the air*

Robbers stealing money using high-tech weapons and wearing avenger masks.

' Y'all so bad at disguising.' "Hulk give it away!" - Spidey

Why do they even bother with the avenger mask? Y'all gonna get beaten up anyway.

'neh-neh you cannot catch me' - Spidey probably!

Intense stare at the love interest.

"What?" - Spidey @ MJ

He crawls. He drops.

"I'm not the Spider-man" - Spidey.

*Cues the meme.* "Why the f*ck you lyin? why you always lyin? mmm oh my ghaad stop f*cking lyin."

Cap's speech for fitness class.

"I stole his shield." 'He's a cool guy yo! He dropped a truck on me and asked where was I from.' -Spidey.

"What's up guys?" - Spidey.

Gotta find what this sh*t is about?' - Spidey and friend.

I can't find gifs for every single things happened in the movie! This is Iron man's warning. To lay low.

Spidey doesn't listen.

And fight bad guys.

'I gotta save these people!!!"

'How am I holding this together?' - Spidey.


*gotta insert this meme in here* 'Did I do that?' Spidey at one point of time.

Iron man to the rescue!!

Was this in the movie? I only remember seeing in the trailer.

One size fits all! This is what I want!

"My friends are up there!" - MJ

Cool tech stuff!!

'Ooooooo got wings!' 'I believe I can fly!' - Spidey Spidey took some major risk to save his friends and others from the building.

When your love interest's father is the villain and figures out who you are. "Don't mess with me." - Villain a.k.a. that father.

Spidey left his girl at the homecoming to get beaten up by the bad guys.

The entrance of the main villain.

'You think this is over?' -Villain after crashing a plane. Spidey with home-made suit looks broken.

Movie ends with 2 post credit scenes. Where in one, Cap trolls the audience/viewers for waiting!!


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