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basharasweet Twt: @bashofgreen
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A short sneak peak to my big story!!!

Sneak peak!

A group of islanders assigned on a mission as their first overseas training.

Their encounters on their mission lead to the secret mission they stumbled upon and its up to them to solve it!

Full story coming to you when I actually write it 😂

I mean anyone else could do it but they came to know about it in their training mission so they gonna do it 😂😂😂

Let's all hope and pray for Bashayar aka me to actually write it down!!!

Historic Futuristic Action Lame comedy No romance (cuz I suck writing those)

The story is been in my mind for years with lots of learning and changes and I really want to publish it! I'm thinking about what way to write them.. like script or novel or Webtoon. I just have no other talent than normally writing down what's in my mind so let's see. Hopefully I start soon!!!

Thanks for reading!!

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