Self Pity
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Self Pity

You still do the same thing again

Thinking you can never do it

Whining about it

Feeling bad about it

Worry about it

Stress about it

Cry about it

And then say

And then say "Im always suffering"

"What's the point of living?"

"It's not my fault"

" WHY me?"

I don't deserve it

Maybe I'm being tested

Maybe I should improve myself

Stop crying you got this

A pain is never given to you of that you couldn't take it

It should be worth it

And you do nothing for it

You couldn't do anything

'cause you are sick

Physically Mentally

You want to live but you couldn't

Always distracted

Always distracted Always stressed

In the end couldn't do anything properly

You regret it

Why me?

Why I always had to suffer

Why I can't set my mind to do things properly?

Am I worth living?


I pity

I pity you

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