Roses and Grey
Roses and Grey roses and grey stories

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Roses and Grey

She walked in. Grey and ordinary. Just a regular girl. Not so pretty, not so smart; not at all spectacular. Just plain and drab. Like the dress she was wearing. To be honest, I did not even notice her at first; but when she turned her head, probably because someone called her name, I noticed a red rose tattooed on her neck,

barely visible under a tuft of brown hair. Somehow she must have felt my gaze for she turned and looked at me with eyes as red as that rose. No, she wasn’t at all ordinary. She just wanted the rest of us to think so. @utsuriworx

There was something about her that I could not quite put my finger on but, whatever it was, it was pulling on my soul. I tried to look away; but could not. Anyway, I did not want her to notice me staring; and when I did look away, an aura of brilliant colours burst out around her. I looked back. Nothing.

I frowned. The aura reappeared whenever I tore my eyes from her and each time the tug was stronger, demanding on me to approach. My feet obeyed of their own volition. @stevewaldrop

I did not know what she might have wanted from me. All I know is I could not help myself from being pulled towards her. When I finally reached her, I opened my mouth wanting to say something, anything. Nothing. @mickeysmith7

I could not move, my feet seemed to be buried in the earth. As she looked in my eyes, the red of hers surrounded me and all I could see was a grey rose in a red pond.

Not knowing what I was doing or what to do, I did the only thing possible: I closed my eyes and pushed her. But as I pushed her body, I felt nothing but air. I opened my eyes—and saw… @H3LP

The young girl stood further away from me. I noticed we weren’t at the same place as we were before and I wondered about how we got there. Everything was white and glowing. Trees were covered with snow and I was freezing. I was looking to the girl again but she was gone.

Nervously I looked around and as I turned she suddenly stood right in front of me, in a beautiful white-blue dress with tiny crystals twinkling on it. I noticed her eyes were no longer red. They were awesomely light blue and her skin was just flawlessly pale glowing. @mitchel

Then she began to speak. However, I could not hear her. It seemed as if her words dissolved once spoken. Oddly enough, I could hear acute. I could her the trees rustling in the breeze. I could even hear the snowflakes fall. But she was mute. I could only watch her lips moving. Could this be real? Probably not.

So I closed my eyes again, trying to realize we really were where it all started and that all I saw was just a dream. I opened my eyes; and it felt as if I had just awoken. And along came a young lady, entering the room. @H3LP

She walked in. Dressed in a grey dress, pale and simple and plain. An extraordinary young lady, pretty, smart; spectacular, indeed. In no way drab. And when she turned her head and looked at me, probably because she became aware of my staring, I noticed a red rose tattooed on her neck, barely visible under a tuft of brown hair.

Presumably the rest of us did not notice. Surely they did not realize. But I did. I engaged beauty.— @carlafischer

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