My year in Commaful
My year in Commaful commaful review 2018 stories

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My year with Commaful 2018!!

My year in Commaful

Looking back at 2018 in Commaful

From sharing my personal experiences thoughts

to hosting Comma Relay 2018

to joining the discord's Commaful server

to bringing back WWWAWARDS


A little recap 2018:- Most page reads: Longing (7325) Most likes: Longing (160) Most comments: Comma Relay 2018: Issue 1 (22)

Although I wasn't as active as I was back in 2017, it was all well

I managed to write new things, explore new styles,

went back to continue old series and also made some new friends!!

Sadly I won't be continuing Comma Relay but I hope (those who participated) benefited something from it

I still regret that I had so many things I wanted to do in and for Commaful but couldn't.

but I won't let that make me pull back for this year.

I will try my best to be active both on Commaful and Discord.

I have new goals for myself and my works.

Don't want to spoil now

Do check out the get to know me #icebreaker challenge. I'll post my answers tomorrow! Tag me if you are doing it as well. I'll try answering!

Share your year with Commaful and tag me as well! I'll be sure to check them out!

However your 2018 was, let's try to move forward and let's bloom in 2019 together!!

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