Last Day Of Being 20
Last Day Of Being 20 positivity stories

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A little positivity among my sad post

Last Day Of Being 20

Being 20 years old is fascinating

To me at least

Went through whole lot of things

To finally understand myself and grow

Just as I hit 20, I become aware of my stupid self in the teen years

Spend rest if my 20, being confused and wondering what's in it for me next.

Spending the last days of being 20, finally, like a miracle, I know what I'm going to do in my life.

The immediate goals

The immediate future

Of mine will beneficial for me

Though I don't want to jinx myself, I would like to say after my graduation I'll be focusing on interning at a place that will be focusing on helping out women

It was a tough decision too

Women or mental health

But I would like to start from there

As for my writings, I too writing a book that talked about toxicity. Hopefully that be out one day too!

As for my other hobby, editing, it helps me wind down so I'll stick to improving on that.

As for my health, physically and mentally, improving is priority. Maybe a little bit everyday won't hurt.

As for everything else I hope it get better for the best, verily I learned that patience is a virtue and be of thankful to what I already have. Things will change.

Things will be better!

And I'm glad that I didn't make a stupid decision back in secondary school!

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