It's Halloween!
It's Halloween! scary stories

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A commaful relay story: October, by the commaful community.

It's Halloween!

To tell from the sky, it should not rain today, at least not as it did all the past seven days and nights before. @carlafischer

I wondered if that meant that the feeling following me as long as the rain would simply dissipate. @catssibiel

It had been a rough week; there was no other way to describe it. @briabriawalsh

For once, I had the night free, and my mind teemed with possibilities, so many things I had put off, now I actually had time to do something to forget the stress. @stevewaldrop

And so I set off. My blue backpack slug over my left shoulder and a world of possibilities ahead of me. Or so I thought. @sunflower

Because in the distance stood a lone figure, distorted and frail. I paused, holding my breath, a frisson of pure fear rushing through me. People do not look like that. They just don't. @whisperinglion

October is supposed to be my cornucopia of happy days but, it turns out to be a heartbreaking month. @DarkAngel

When the leaves have faded away and hate has turned to grey, you will know it is the cold whisper of October; vines are creeping up your legs, rain is seeping through your veins; you feel cold outside—then you feel cold within. @H3LP

Each leaf dropped as a grain of sand in an hourglass, counting down till that Halloween day. @tdog16

The chill that had begun to creep through me from the sight of the figure turned into a bone-rattling cold as I moved closer to the figure that was beginning to take shape before me. @phantomhive0227

Convincing myself that this was just yet another dream, I walked even closer to the figure before me. As I approached it, my footsteps became heavier and so was my breathing. I was nervous, but…why? @potatoesarefab

Just as I reached the figure, it turned to face me, and what I saw then will haunt me forever: The feeling of a scream, stuck in my throat, and the disgusting smell, reeking from the creature in front of me. @bookworm123

Full of fear I did not dare to move. But, slightly curiosity came up and so I finally got back control over my body. Slowly I stretched out my left hand to touch it. Carefully enough, not to provoke the creature before me. @mitchel

As I felt the rough skin underneath my hand, I noticed the creature shook slightly and it growled, deep in its throat, but I was not afraid of it any more. @bookworm123

I realized just in time that this creature…was not really a creature. It was the one I so determinedly loved. The one I so painfully lost. @darklyloved

But how could that be real, how could this one and only soul I held in my weary heart with all my love, still: How could it have found a path way back into this world to which it bade farewell that now my whole life seemed to fall apart into a thousand pieces, again? @carlafischer

For again it fell—in this very moment when I touched the creature's skin and thought to see a slight twinkle of mischief in its pale yellowish eyes? @carlafischer

It was my first love, in a distorted image. But how? Last time I saw her was before she ran off into the woods with her dog. This was about a week ago, her body was found laying on the damp forest floor. I could not bare to get out of my house and finally, on my one day off, I met her again… @victoriaopoka

“I,” said I for I felt I had to say something but my Love, or what I perceived as being her, groaned horribly and—all of a sudden!—I felt strong fingers encircling my wrist. @carlafischer

The world around me darkened. The figure disappeared. Dark branches of tall trees rose above my head, the ground beneath my feet turned soft. @carlafischer

A smell of humus crept into my nostrils and lingered there as did the pale light of the waning moon in the twigs an sticks of the undergrowth. I could not move a bit, just listened into the dark forest. I heard a dog's distant barking, coming from somewhere in the shadows. @carlafischer

My mind filled up with angst. I still felt those strong fingers around my wrist but, apparently, I was alone. And then, on the very brink of my terror, something blunt hit against my head. @carlafischer

I stumbled sidewards, lost balance; collapsed slowly; and fell on the ground. There I laid, on my back, afraid to breathe. With my mouth and eyes wide open, I stared through the canopy of the forest, right into the sky. Then, suddenly, I felt a hand around my neck. @carlafischer

A sound. Or did I imagine it? No, there it was again, although barely above a subliminal level. A soft tinkling of castanets…or, or: Bones! My heart hammered against my ribs. @stevewaldrop

My body: Pure of fear! @H3LP

Horror was plastered on my face. I was terrified. I covered my face with my hands. Why does it have to be like this? @potatoesaefab

The fingers around my neck started to press—hard and brutal, making me gasp for air, but nothing came into my lungs. As dark spots started to appear in my vision, the last thing I saw was a pair of yellowish eyes, looking down on me, and as my eyes met the yellow ones, I was plunged into darkness—and everything ended. @bookworm123

Eyes wide open, I found myself back, standing in front of my Love, her fingers still around my wrist but not as strong as before. @carlafischer

And in that very moment, that moment of terror and suffocating when I looked into those yellow eyes, feeling that heavy weight laying on my body, in that very moment of death: I saw, in the pale yellowish eyes of my Love, the face of a man, as mere reflection, yet distinct enough to recognise and not to forget, ever. @carlafischer

“You,” I said but, the figure put its forefinger on my lips. “I'll be waiting,” she said and my eyes closed. Her touch faded away. No longer I felt the fingers around my wrist. @carlafischer

And when I could open my eyes again I found myself alone in the street. My Love had gone. 'I will take care of your relief,' I wanted to say. “I'll follow,” was all I said. @carlafischer

Rain set in, again; and there I stood. My blue backpack slug over my left shoulder, in a world of possibilities ahead of me, seemingly, with only one single objective left. @carlafischer

October, the heartbreaking month. @carlafischer

I knew what I had to do.— @carlafischer

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