I'm just living another day...
I'm just living another day... feelings stories

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It's getting more real / (Tried out the new Android app)

I'm just living another day...

If you have read my works here before, you could see my journey of having depression and how I deal with it (vaguely)

Some are hopes, some are not...

I'm just here to put in my progress here...

As the title said, I'm just trying to live another day. I don't know why I'm always not well (physically/mentally) but it's exhausting. It always Come to the point where this question pops up?

Why am I still alive?

Why? Just why?

What's the point?

I wanted to live I wanted to prove that I'm worth something but I'm worth of what?

What is there in me that I can prove? Im trying but why ?

Why do I have to prove myself?

Is life supposed to be approved?

I can't live like that I just can't I don't want to do anything

So what's the point?

What's the point of living then?

I can't do anything I dont want to do anything So might as well as die right

I'm not improving I'm not healing I'm hidden

I'm stuck in the mirror

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