I'm Away...
I'm Away... writing stories

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I gladly let go of it so I'm back!
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I'm Away...

Hi peeps!!

First of all, thank you for reading my works and supporting me and my writings!

You might have noticed, I'm not as active as before due to many reason.

I just felt like im neglecting my readers so I want to address this.

So, recently I felt like quit writing and leaving everything.

For someone's goal being the person to help reach out to other writers to share their work no matter what they have written, be it be a hobby or a dream,

how can I quit and leave everything behind?

But as a writer myself I wasn't improving. I was stuck. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't write anymore.

If that's the case, how can I encourage other to write and publish? How can I tell them to write again?

When I myself have lost the hope.

I talked to some writers and even Sydney from here on Commaful Discord chat that what I needed was a break.

'cause I wasn't really taking one when I was stuck writing Reverie. When I then discovered Commaful but was stuck again.

When I couldn't continue writing any of my other work 'cause I was keep jumping from one thing to another.

I wasn't writing but my mind was full of it. That made lose hope. That's when I realized I was too into it that I can't even let go of.

I still wonder what am I afraid of? I was scared to take a break even for a while. Because it took so long for me to find myself and something that I'm good at. If I left it what will I be?

The answer is, I'll still be me no matter what I do. Even if i take a break I wont be any less of a writer.

So ,yes, I took a break without announcing to anyone.

But after a month or so I wrote a chapter for a book that I last wrote 2 years ago.

Though not many I got new readers, new friends who supporting me even my best friend who didn't get the chance to read the books when I started is reading them now. I was happy. I'm happy.

Okay so ranting aside, what's the lesson i learned here? To let go of things wholeheartedly if it meant to be you will get back to it before you know it.

Accept that things won't be there forever but new things will keep happening you just have to accept it and adapt.

Don't let yourself become obsess as it can blind you from seeing what is really going on.

What was I obsess of? To keep doing something that I couldn't do. What was it? Writing.

Concluding my rant, I'll be back when I'm back. But I'll be still writing or at least be thinking about it.

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