I wish upon myself
I wish upon myself wish stories

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I wish upon myself

I wished I was more ill

So that my parents will understand my pain

That it is real and I'm not faking it

I wished more pain upon myself

Not knowing, not realising something

Why did I do that?

Why did I wanted more pain to prove my pain?

Why didn't I wish to be cured?

To be freed, from this pain, the agony?

Who to blame here?

It wasn't my fault that I got these pain in my life.

But I'm just making everything worse.

Now I say it.

I wish that I'm better than before.

I wish to cured from all these illnesses.

I wish to be happy.

I wish that I'm content with my life.

I wish to be healthy.

I wish that I could do whatever I want to do.

Good things of course.

Now it's your turn.

Wish positively.

May good things happen to you too!

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