How I Started Writing

          How I Started Writing writing stories

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Title self explanatory:)

How I Started Writing

Since young I love to read. Just read anything. Didn't have a specific type.

I started reading English story books in primary school after I moved to Singapore. Mainly for language purpose.

Then when I was in secondary school I discovered Wattpad. It was much easier for me to read online and I was obsessed with Wattpad for like 4 years. I have read about thousands of books there.

As I read, I begin to think of my own stories and it was on my mind for years. So I decided to write them down and eventually share them too.

How I write my stories is I always visualize them and make sure it sound realistic enough. Then I start writing.

In my mind, there are a lot of ideas, which kept me awake most of the nights.

I lack in my language. Not knowing how to word my memory of beautiful stories. So I'm really slow in writing them out.

Since I have a lot of things to write, I keep jumping from one to another. But no matter what, I'll finish them one day!

Hope y'all stick through and support!! And hopefully I'll become a better writer!!

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