Everything about Her Was a Lie
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Story by comma writers! Issue 3 of the relay is out writers!


Published by: @basharasweet

Written by: @boblong , @sy , @joshuaharestad , @of_etoiles , @melisimu , @pandora_rain , @mitchel , @real_poet

Edited by: @carlafischer

Everything about Her Was a Lie

Everything about her was a lie. Her beauty was deceitful, her willowy gracefulness a fib, the flowing tresses a distortion. She did appear to be the most enchanting woman at the party —it was all a carefully constructed misdirection. @boblong

In truth, she was a goddess in disguise. The witch queen Hecate who swallowed the souls of those she chose. Beneath her porcelain mask there was the face of a corpse with nothing in its eye sockets but blackness. @sy

She fitted in among the elite. Using her charms and ways with words. She worked the room, travelling from person to person, plotting, planning, and pulling strings. It would have been a sight to be seen if she used her powers for good. @joshuahares

However, she had long since decided that her powers would never be used for good again. She had long since lost that little youth and happiness that she had once had. @of_etoiles

This self-awareness was making everything more challenging for her at the party since she actually wanted to be that woman who is effortlessly angelic, who is not Hecate, most importantly; yet she knew that it was no longer possible. @melisimu

Oh, how she longed to be able to fall in love like the young do these days! Without fear of getting hurt or hurting others, only living the moment without hesitation. To give herself to someone who will respect and cherish her for who she was, knowing what lay beneath the mask she created. @pandora_rain

But all of this was long ago. Now she was aware of how cruel the world could be, once she cared too much, once she offered too much of herself to others; once she simply was the woman she pretended to be right now at the party, angelic and innocent.

Alas! No longer she wanted to be stabbed in the back, get her heart pulled out of her chest, have to pick up all of the thousands of pieces lying on the ground and putting them back together somehow.

No! Now she was the cold-hearted queen of everything—and everyone who ever insulted her in some kind of way. @mitchel

And yet, oh—how she longed to get back her youth years! All the fun she could have had, friends she could have made. But it was all taken away since that day… @real_poet

And so she silently waltzed through the party, her familiar transformed into a towering man with skin blacker than night and eyes as red as crimson feathers tied to hunting nets.

They did not make the polite conversation of the other couples for he had the tongue of his natural form, a hawk, but Hecate watched him twitch his eyes about the room, hunting for lust.

While she no longer felt sexual desires nor perverse love, he was still a raw beast at heart and would take his pleasure later, when his victims were too drunk on the party's wine and lost their energy to resist.

It was then when she unleashed him from the invisible cord bounding the pair from the mole on her breast to his inky neck that the familiar would bring his own destruction to the happy dancers; and she would depart the party to carry out her own hellish deeds in the higher layers of the palace, where the fairy king ruled court.— @sy

CREDITS Published by: @basharasweet Written by: @boblong, @sy, @joshuaharestad, @of_etoiles, @melisimu, @pandora_rain, @mitchel, @real_poet Edited by: @carlafischer

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