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Commaful relay story by the Commaful community! Read to find out more!!

Commaful relay story

Every month or so there will be a theme or phrase will be posted by me. Where YOU, the commaful users, create a story in the comments section. (It doesn't matter if you are a just a writer/ a reader here in commaful. Everyone is welcome.)

How to write: A commaful user starts to write a story based on the give theme or phrase in the comment section. Next user continue from there. Note: one sentence per user. (this will change according to the responses)

Deadline: Each theme or phrase will be posted along with its deadline, from few days to few weeks. The date and time will be based on SGT. You can Google to convert the time to your area. Note: comments after the deadline wouldn't be included in the story but feel free to continue if you want.

Final story: I'll post the finalised story separately after the deadline. It will be either on a special day of the month or the next few days. (P.s. depending on my free time.)

Rules: Commaful official rules still apply. Don't use vulgarities. Don't spread and state any hate or towards anyone or anything. Have fun but not too much. Enjoy connecting with others!

Head over to @basharasweet profile to look for this month (and coming months) theme or phrase. If have any questions comment down in this post or DM me. Have fun y'all!!!

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