Comma Relay 2018: Issue 4
Comma Relay 2018:
                                                 Issue 4 halloween special stories

basharasweet 👐😥😥😥
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Comma Relay 2018 is back with new Halloween edition!

Comma Relay 2018: Issue 4

Hey everyone! We are back with another Comma Relay Story! Hope y'all enjoy it writing with the Commaful writer's community. Instructions: ---------------->

One person starts the story in the comment section. Then the rest continue by replying to it. Please refrain from talking about anything else.. If have questions or suggestion please head over to my other main post with all the details (link in the description section) Comment there or message me privately.

Theme: HALLOWEEN GENRE: HORROR Write based on this following line: SAVE BLOOD GIVE A LIFE

This time round it's Halloween special edition! Deadline: October 15, 2018 Time: 1159 SGT

Commaful readers: Do tell your favourite writers to participiate! Let's get the story running!!

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