Battle of Survival
Battle of Survival battle of  survival stories

basharasweet hiatus~
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Celebrating 100th post!!!!!
Long poem!!
Tried new format!
Full poem in the comments too!

Battle of Survival

Living vs surviving

Is that all we could do?

Looking back at the battle

It seems much nothing

everything But it is that

We have done no matter

How or it is big small

A battle against o u r s e l v e s

That we go through

No matter who we are

That's just l i f e

But it isn't just that all

We fight and learn

We grow up and move on

We see and we hear

About things that

Are far and near

A battle with s e l f

A battle with the w o r l d

Neither seems easy

Neither of them is

Men against men

You against us

Me against me

Everyone vs everyone

Everyone vs everything

Life full of struggle

Struggle to keep a dollar

Struggle to keep a dollar In the bank

Or maintain a billion dollar

Or maintain a billion dollar Transaction in the company

Struggle to find

Struggle to find Clean water to drink

Or choosing meat and

Or choosing meat and Vegetables that are grown organic

We fight for our safety

We fight for our food

We fight for our protection

We fight for our land

We fight for our beliefs

And we fight for more

When do we live?

When do we not worry?

Or is it just me

Or is it just us

Who worry?

That our lives are

Always at stake

Always fighting to live

It's always...

It's everyday...

It's a battle of survival

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