Answers to Get to Know me!
Answers to Get to Know me! get to know me stories

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Answers to Get to Know me in details!! #icebreak challenge

Answers to Get to Know me!

Okay I said i'll post my answers in the next day in my previous post but I busy and not well as usual. and got time now to reveal them! Thanks for participating! Are you ready?

1. Which activity I have done? A. Rock climbing B. Flight line C. Bunge

1. Which activity I have done? B. Flight line Answer: B

I went to leadership camp in 2016 so in the camp there was team building activities. There is this called Team Challenge Hourglass in Sentosa, Singapore. There are various obstacle elements to climb up.

so when i went i had to climb rock wall (it was part of the element) i couldn't as i had a scratch on my palm so couldn't do it. but since my team was the 1st among others so my team able to participate in the flight line so we climbed all the way back up to participate.

Fun facts: I never did rock climbing before in other camps as well! I have fear of heights. so even when I'm looking at something on tv, i have this weird pain on my palm. but when i did flight line I didn't feel anything.

2. When did I gain interest in reading? A. 7 years old B. 11 years old C. 13 years old

2. When did I gain interest in reading? A. 7 years old Answer: A

I had interest in reading since young. with my classmates, we do role play using the texts on textbooks. And read stories on newspapers, short children comic/books as well

Fun fact: Always wanted to publish a story of my own on anything after I knew about people getting to publish on newspapers. I gain interest in reading story books when I was 9 years old

3. Which year/standard I got first rank in school? A. First standard (1st year) B. Primary 4 (4th year) C. Secondary 2 (8th year)

3. Which year/standard I got first rank in school? B. Primary 4 (4th year) Answer: B

I moved to Singapore and joined Primary 4. I didn't expect to get 1st place in class 'cause I never did before. Always get rank 2 to 10 when back in India.

Fun fact: It's called standard in India and primary/secondary in Singapore. That's why there's a different name in the options. I got class 3rd in Primary 6 and never topped my class or the school after I went to secondary school till now. RIP ..

I'm glad to share few things about me (in detail) Hope you guys enjoyed getting to know haha XD Until next time :)

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