A Glimpse Of Me Making Coffee
A Glimpse Of Me Making Coffee coffee stories

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Can you relate?

A Glimpse Of Me Making Coffee

I walked into the kitchen feeling the anxiety rising up on my chest

It was difficult to breathe

My cup wasn't there

Went to my room to check and took all the utensils I left it on the table

Brought them back to the kitchen with normal steps

It was difficult to breathe

I let out a cry as the tears threatens to fall

I cried while washing up my cup

The tears blinded my eyes as I pour the milk onto my cup

Realised the milk carton was almost empty and there's not enough for me

Bending down to open the new boxes as the tears roll down on my face

Trying to pry open that cardboard boxes to take out the milk carton in frustration

I poured more milk for my coffee in my cup, as usual spilling some of it too

I took the glasses off my face

and grabbed a tissue to wipe my tears.

I went to heat the milk on a pan and then got a towel to wipe the spilled milk

I took 2 3in1 coffee sachets and poured them into my cup

Another set of tears fall down again

I look around to see of anyone watching me in a panic

I wiped my face before pouring the hot milk into my cup

I took a spoonful of the coffee to taste, it was bitter

I added some sugar to my coffee and went to the living room

As if nothing happened

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