Spring Loaded
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bartnativojr"Perform Over Conform" creator
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Not my traditional 12 lines

Spring Loaded

Where were you then?

Where was your zen?

When you picked up the pen,

Did you just pretend?

Take a look at you now

Buried six feet beneath my two feet under the ground

I know you’re wondering who did this to you,

And How?

Did you try something new?

Why didn’t you wear another color other than red and blue?

I know it came fast,

You couldn’t have any fun

It was a quick attack

It felt like a stab from the son of a gun

Who’s to blame for your misery?

I think it’s easy to see

Don’t look at him

Don’t look at me

Take a look at the clear reflection

You will see why there’s no time for a resurrection

You took a fall from the top shelf,

You were the one who killed yourself.

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