Turritopsis dohrnii (The Immortal Jellyfish)
Turritopsis dohrnii (The Immortal Jellyfish) poetry stories

barnacle_bones brains over breakfast
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A poem I wrote about a species of jellyfish that can age backwards and is therefore basically immortal.

Turritopsis dohrnii (The Immortal Jellyfish)

That instant when words turn to garbled nothing And disappear because there's no space for them. Not in the blue where it's heavy and quiet And time has never mattered.

If I could breathe, I'd be here forever With my hair turned to silk And my arms turned to wings.

Then the blue would become black and give way To clear blobs with orange hearts. Well. Not really hearts because jellyfish don't have those.

And yet they still have the nerve To float around like they know things.

Suddenly, I'd be surrounded by tentacles Like thousands of electrical wires And a part of me would melt away To reveal the wide eyed child I once was.

My awareness would slip away as I continued to start over And over And over.

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