Untitled drabble
Untitled drabble  bts kim namjoon stories

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Another untitled drabble for you all, written at a time when I had a mental block about writing and just needed to get some words out.

This one is safe for most audiences :)

Untitled drabble

“Here I come!” Namjoon yelled, as he took a flying leap to jump on top of your prone figure in bed.

Squealing and throwing your hands in front of your face in defense, you braced yourself for the inevitable impact - which didn't come.

Slowly peeking up through your fingers, you saw that Namjoon had stopped himself short of crushing you by hovering above you, propped up on his wrists.

“Wow, that was actua-mmph,” The wind was knocked out of you as Namjoon took that second to collapse right on you.

Swatting at his shoulders to get him off, he flipped over onto his back, dissolving into giggles.

Rolling on top of him in sweet revenge and being rewarded by his breathless grunt, you sat up straddling him between your thighs.

Wiggling your fingers in front of him, you only gave him a split second to realise your intentions, before diving in to tickle his sides.

Namjoon was shouting and squirming under your attack, but managed to gain the upper hand before flipping your over onto your back.

Panting heavily, he prodded your sides in retaliation. Fighting to grab his hands, you yelled for mercy.

You were too out of breath to recognise the slightly more hungry gleam in his eyes, but yet again, you were left with no room to breathe as Namjoon's lips descended on yours.

Placing soft pecks on your lips before working his way down to your neck, your hands automatically found themselves tangled in Namjoon's soft hair.

As soon as a soft moan escaped your lips, Namjoon raised his head to flash you a cheeky, dimpled smirk.

“I win.”

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