[18+] Untitled drabble
 [18+] Untitled drabble bts fics stories

bangtanya Community member
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This is just a small drabble I wrote ages ago.

Again, this is 18+ content, so if this is not you, walk away now, my friend.

[18+] Untitled drabble

Yoongi’s lips were hot on yours as he licked into your mouth.

Moaning softly as his tongue mimicked the movements his fingers were making as they pumped in and out of you, your back arched as his fingers hit the ridged, sensitive spot along your inner walls.

Pulling his fingers out, you looked at him reproachfully.

“You know, this was supposed to be a chill afternoon on my day off.”

“We are chilling though,” Yoongi said with a slight smirk.

Shifting positions so that you were now straddling him, you rocked your hips over the hard bulge that had formed under his jeans.

Gazing at him through heavy lids, you leaned down to kiss him again.

“There is nothing chill about how I feel right now.”

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