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[18+] Drabble bts fics stories

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An 18+ drabble written a long time ago.

If you are underage, you shall not pass! No, seriously.

[18+] Drabble

Jin’s lips released from the spot he had been worrying on your skin with a soft pop.

Laving his tongue over his handiwork, he bent his head and continued placing kisses further and further down your body, spurred by your soft encouragements and squirms.

He had wanted to take his time and tease you a little more, but as he got lower and closer to the top of your jeans, his own strained erection became too painful to ignore.

Getting you to slip your jeans off as he whipped off his own clothes, he grabbed you by the hips and positioned himself against you.

Pausing for a second, he made you reach for the warming lube before squeezing a few small drops onto his fingers and sliding them between your lower lips and into you.

Gratified by your visceral response, he tossed the bottle aside before lifting your legs over his shoulders.

Pressing a light peck to your calf resting near his cheek, he slowly sank himself in keeping his eyes trained on your face, watching every twitch and frown.

He loved watching your expression change according to what you were feeling in the moment. It always gave him great pride to know that he was the one who was able to do that.

Leaning down to capture your mouth with a wet kiss, he continued moving at the slow pace he set.

“Jin.” Pulling away, your voice was a breathy whisper, filled with need.


“Please. I need more.”

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