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Namjoon's lips have always been your kryptonite. You just never let him know about it....until now.

WARNING: This fanfic contains explicit descriptions of sex and is not meant for minors. if you are under the legal age of consent in your country, please do not read.

[18+] Bitten

You couldn’t help yourself. Honestly, you really tried but Namjoon’s lips were your kryptonite.

His tongue darting out to quickly swipe over his bottom lip immediately drew your eyes in.

One honeyed word from his lips and your knees went weak.

A slight brush from them sent shivers over your skin.

A heated kiss, and you could feel the wetness pooling between your legs.

It was like a switch had flipped in your head.

One minute you and Namjoon were a tangled mess of limbs on the sofa, you mewling and moaning softly under him as he worked his mouth over yours.

The next, you were straddling his lap, staring down at him - eyes heavy lidded and lips parted breathlessly.

That was what did it.

It was an overwhelming urge to lick, nip, bite and suck on his lips in ferocious kisses.

They were oh so plump and inviting and you wanted nothing more than to see them even more swollen and reddened with your marks.

And so you dove in, earning a surprised grunt from Namjoon as you tugged his head back sharply.

Pressing yourself harder against him, you let out a long, low moan as you ground down on Namjoon’s hips and felt the start of his erection bulge lightly against your clothed core.

Breaking the kiss, you looked down at Namjoon. His eyes were slightly glazed over and to your satisfaction, his lips were slightly more swollen from your ministrations.

Snaking his arms around your waist, Namjoon pulled you back before you could kiss him again.

“What’s going on, baby? I mean, this is the first time that you’ve been so...aggressive. Don’t get me wrong though. I love it,” he said, feeling his lips tingling from sensitivity.

Tracing the outline of his face, you rested your hands on the sides of his neck.

“Have I ever told you that your lips are my weakness? They’re so plush and sexy, and when you were looking up at me just now, I just couldn’t help myself.

I just had to bite down,” you said, lightly running a finger over his lips.

A corner of his mouth tugged up into a smirk. Namjoon kissed the underside of your chin, slowly moving his kisses down to your collarbones.

“Interesting. What other fantasies have you been having?” His voice was full of dark promise, twirling in velvety ribbons around your ears.

Heat rose to your cheeks. “This was my fantasy,” you said, moving your hips against his crotch, feeling another curl of pleasure at the much larger bulge you felt.

“It was me kissing you, and grinding my hips on you, slowly working you up until we both couldn't take anymore. You would just push my panties to the side and make me ride you until I came.”

You said all this while gazing steadily at Namjoon, your voice getting huskier and breathier with desire and his eyes darkening with lust.

“Well, how am I supposed to deny you when you look this delicious?” His voice cracked slightly, throat dry from having the scene you described flash in montages across his mind.

Your hips started a slow, teasing rhythm against the erection you felt straining against his shorts, and you tugged off your t-shirt before unclasping your bra and chucking it aside,

grasping at your breasts as they came free.

Namjoon’s eyes followed your every move and his expression grew dangerously hungry.

You leaned back so you could unbutton his shirt and slid it off his shoulders.

Smoothing your palms over his broad, toned chest you bent once more to kiss him sloppily, tongues seeking refuge in each others’ mouth.

Lifting your hips up, Namjoon understood that was the signal for him to unzip and slide his shorts and boxer briefs down, which he did in one smooth move.

His fingers immediately slid up your mini skirt and began toying with the edges of your underwear.

“Shit, you are dripping wet baby.” He pressed more light kisses on your neck. “How badly do you want this?”

The amount of lust coursing in your veins was unbelievable,

and Namjoon could see that from the way your eyes were glazed and how your lips (which also were swollen now) parted slightly and little huffs of breath escaped from between them.

“Use your words, baby.” His fingers made another pass over your clothed heat, pressing down slightly on your clit drawing a whimper from you.

“Please.” Your voice came out in choked in a high pitched whine. “I need you. I want to feel the way your cock goes deep and stretches me out, Namjoon.”

You saw the pleasure your submission gave him cross his face, and then you felt him run his head between your lower lips, liberally coating the tip in your creaminess.

Bending to kiss him again, Namjoon pushed himself in, pulling groans from both your chests. Suddenly, there was a sharp smack to your ass.

“Move,” he commanded.

Starting up your rhythm, you moaned again at the restriction your panties caused. You could feel every stroke Namjoon was making.

Choosing to concentrate on the sensations building inside you, you hugged Namjoon closer and began to bounce up and down, while he buried his face in your chest,

giving little nips and pecks to your breasts.

Feeling your orgasm quickly build, you shifted lower down so that every time you moved, your clit would move against Namjoon’s pubic bone.

The change in angle also meant Namjoon was now hitting that very sweet spot in you, and you knew you wouldn't last much longer.

“Baby….baby I'm really close. I need you to go harder, ” you panted out, looking down at him, your hands pulling slightly at Namjoon’s hair.

By now, his face was pink with exertion. “Go ahead and let go, baby.” His hands gripped under your thighs and began thrusting upwards.

A few more strokes, and you felt the delicious, hot sensations of your orgasm begin to release as your slick inner walls began to clench around Namjoon.

You didn't care who heard your small screams, moans and pants.

Your world had been reduced to nothing but the fire spreading through your veins, the slight scrape of your nipples against Namjoon’s skin and the hot splash of his own release in you.

Slowing your tempo, you still kept rocking your hips against Namjoon’s, not wanting to lose the sensation of him filling you up so completely just yet.

Kissing you one more time, Namjoon smoothed the hair from your face, looking at you with hooded eyes.

“Damn, girl. Anytime you have any other fantasies to act out, please let me know.” He chuckled in short puffs, trying to catch his breath.

Feeling a bit embarrassed, you dropped your head to his shoulder to hide your face. “It wasn't weird for you?”

“Hey.” He nudged your chin upwards, a gentle note to his voice. “That was literally the hottest thing you've ever said to me and obviously that sex we just had was mind-blowing.

Sign me up any day.”

Drumming his fingers against your thighs, he eased himself out of you and moved to lay you back on the sofa.

Hovering over you, he grinned wickedly.

“Besides, now that you’ve told me that my lips are your weakness, it's time for me to show you that they can do more than just be kissed and bitten.”

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