He is so good to me.

He is so good to me.  beautiful stories

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When the walls begin to come down and I trust him a little bit more.

He is so good to me.

My pink lips. My eyes shut mid-roll as I clasp the side of the bedsheets.

My breath is cluttered, as if unable to catch up with my mouth opening and closing.

I lick my lips and Ahhh...

I lick my lips and Ahhh The first moan leaks off my tongue along with an exhale that has been waiting so patently.

Ahhhh. Again this time with no walls, with less chains.

“Don’t be so quiet. Let me hear that pretty voice of yours.” He smiles.

“Ahhhhh. Fuck.” Now that I’ve started I could not bring myself to a halt.

“Tell me you like it.” “I like it.”

“Tell me you want it.” “I want it.”


“Beg.” I peel both eyes open and devour him with one glance.

“Please.... Sir.” I whisper

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