We will Survive

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A story about sisters raised in an unloving home.

We will Survive

A young girl born into a family that seemed not to care

Raised to raise her younger siblings

Her father was never there always working, drinking, sleeping around

Her mother always left. Church, friends, family always came before her children.

Young girl had no freedom. She was the mistake, the beginning of a terrible line of children.

The day she snapped she left, got married, had kids, and continues to care for her siblings.

Though she's living her best life she continues living with the guilt of abandoning her mother and living her life.

Younger girl born into a family that seemed not to care.

Raised to be perfect.

Her father never spoke to her. He was never around anyways right?

Her mother always expected more. Be sweet, be beautiful, be anything but yourself. Because you yourself are not perfect.

The day she snapped she left and fucked up in every way possible.

Not being allowed to before she smoke, drank, and had terrible relationships.

Not knowing how to fix it she tried leaving for good.

But the young girl saved her. Took care of her like she always had before.

One without the other was never good. They both needed one another.

These two girls born into a family that seemed not to care

Their mother guilt tripping them into thinking they had abandoned her when it was the other way around.

Their father although trying to fix himself still didn't care for them.

But as long as we are together. As long as I help you and you help me we can do this. We will prosper. We will live. We will love. We will survive.

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