Founding a Magazine on Asian Culture
Founding a Magazine on Asian Culture stories

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Banana Magazine is a publication dedicated to all things Asian! Issue 001 served as a great jump-off point for us and we are now raising funding for Issue 002!

Check out our kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.c...

Founding a Magazine on Asian Culture

Kathleen & Vicki, co-founders of Banana Magazine

We started Banana Magazine

to create a platform for the burgeoning creative class of Asians all around the world, build a community, and help define our collective identity.

We strive to fill that void of representation

for this generation of Asians.

Time has been the biggest challenges for us.

Banana Mag is a passion project for us that we do outside of our 9-to-5 jobs, so it can be a challenge to juggle everything. It's well worth the reward though.

Being Asian American means:

being someone with the opportunity and benefits of navigating through two different cultures and finding how it collides into a singular identity.

Check out our Kickstarter to help fund Issue 002!

On a grander scale....people can start conversations

about what it means to be Asian in today's age and get involved in the community any way they can!

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