Baby Blue
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bananabussquad Tyler Wine is MINE!!!! 😜😍😘
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MiniCat ship!!! Sorry it's so bad lol.

Baby Blue

Chapter 1 (Craig's pov.)

I paced anxiously around the room, fidgeting with my tie and checking all of my buttons. I looked into the mirror and sighed. I felt along my naturally wavy hair, which was slicked back with gel. I lightly pushed my glasses up my nose and I checked myself once more in the mirror, before turning to the door.

My dad suddenly appeared in the small room. "Hey Craig, you ready?" He asked with a cheeky grin. I smiled nervously and nodded. "You're gonna do great." He said patting me on the back, "I just can't believe you're already getting married." He chuckled.

"Yeah." I added with a nervous laugh. My father held his arm out and I linked mine with his. He slowly led me out of the room with a large smile spread across his face. My heart fluttered as I looked up at Tyler standing far down the isle.

His cheeks were rosy and his smile brought me warmth and comfort as I neared him. I could feel my face burning bright red in an instant. Tyler's pretty light brown hair was neatly combed to the side and shimmered in the sunlight (their wedding was outside). His ice blue eyes sparkled with excitement as I positioned in front of him.

I felt butterflies of both excitement and nervousness flutter inside my stomach as I stared deep into his adoring eyes.

"Do you, Craig Thomson take Tyler-" The priest started.

"I do" I interrupted with a goofy smile.

"Do you, Tyler-"

"I do." Tyler added quickly, his cheeks turning a darker shade of red.

"You may kiss-" That's all I heard before Tyler's arms were wrapped around my waist and his lips crashed onto mine. He teased by biting my bottom lip before pulling away.

I took his hand and we faced our friends and family, who were cheering us on. I looked at Tyler with a cheeky grin and a red face. He smiled and lightly grazed my cheek with his lips.

"I love you Craig." He whispered.

"I love you too Tyler." I smiled.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am sooo sorry that this is this bad... it'll get better, i hope. I named it "Baby Blue" because of Tyler's eyes and he's Craigs baby so... yeah. i hope you enjoyed. THERE WILL BE MORE dont worry. :).... and BTW Craig was waiting in a church and the actual wedding was in the churches court yard.

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