Free Falling

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bamfmulan mulan is a bamf
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In order for you to bloom, you need to let me go.
And I will go, weaving a path for you.

(a/n: first poem posted, I don't know how to do anything so far so I'm guessing this is what you do?)

Free Falling

I’ll make this one so beautiful

I’ll glitter it with dreams

I’ll dazzle it so colorful

To give it what you need

So watch the flow of my hand

As it falls from above

Raining fairy dust

Sprinkling from weathered gloves

I’ll twirl this mess of your life

Of fraught and worry and strife

Into a swirl of petals anew

Into a strong flower you grew

Strong is what you need to be

Strong for you and me

Even when I’m above the clouds

Don’t worry for I’ll come down

Try to look towards the sun

Watch as flowers come undone

Even if you see me falling

Falling down

I’ve made you a painting

So beautiful, embarking

A metamorphosis you’ve changed

A pretty bird free from blame

All I had to do was fly

Create a ground as I reached the sky

And fall like a bird for a templet

Your life without me in it

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