And There I Opened My Eyes
And There I Opened My Eyes memory stories

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A melancholic poem which distinguishes between memories, dreams, and reality

And There I Opened My Eyes

While the cicadas cry

Underneath the summer sky

I stand on finite sand

In front of me the infinite sea

The ocean breathe

Memories in my eyes

Triggering a waterfall

Cooling me down

While my curtains shut

I hear laughter from left to right

Like a panorama view of the sunset

Burning me from the inside

I feel something touch my left hand

Soft and smooth, a perfect fit

"Open your eyes, it's such a waste"

But I want to dream, I reply

"Speak normal english

So I can understand"

Whatever that is

'Cause I'm no english man

She chuckles and all laughter

They all mute together

Where was it you're going?

Was it Oslo or the port of Liverpool?

This ocean it's connected

It's connected to both

Which ever way you go

I'll go the same


"You must not follow"

I ask why not?

"It's not meant to be"

But I, but I...

Before I could say

My left hand was alone

Quiet and dark

And here I'm stranded

Cicadas crescendo

The ocean dies

And there I open my eyes

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