One Day Super Powers: Part Three (Continued)
One Day Super Powers: Part Three (Continued) series stories

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The continued section of part three

One Day Super Powers: Part Three (Continued)

Over the course

of the next month we would move from town to town, all the while I was honing my skills. The daily changes in powers made it difficult, especially since I had stopped

taking the pills and planned for my powers to dissipate. That wasn't the case. In fact, they were growing stronger. Lillian told me that the most important aspect of

controlling these powers was a proper mind set. I had to accept that this was my life now and focus on making the best of it. I struggled for a long time, but when we

had finally reached our destination, I had made a little progress. Lillian said we were going to Brazil, but we had stopped in Texas to gather more intel on our

target. It was here that I made the biggest leap forward. I awoke one morning to find that I could adjust my vision. It was almost like having a high powered

microscope in my brain. It was disorienting at first, but I remembered what Lillian had taught me. Focus on the power. Let it take control. Don't fight it. Within a

few minutes I gained control and could adjust my vision at will. This wasn't that big of a deal, as it didn't have the power to level a city block, but controlling it

was still an important step. I was told that, in time, controlling my powers would become second nature to me. I would wake up and immediately be aware of any changes

and how to control the new powers that had taken affect. This certainly seemed to be true, as I found it easier to control each new power with every passing day. And

today was a day for progress. Lillian and Jolene were out looking for supplies for some sort of project they had going, Vlad was gathering intel on our target, and

Barron and Ferus were plotting our route to Brazil. I had the entire hide out to myself. I decided to use this time productively, focusing on everything they had

taught me over the past month. I looked around the abandoned warehouse we had set up in, examining every square inch meticulously. Before I knew it, everyone had

returned. They were preparing to call it a night when Lillian called us in to the main room for a meeting. When we arrived, she spoke in her commanding voice, booming

across the room for each of us to hear. "This past month has not been easy. We have each faced our own personal struggles as well as those of the group. But we stand

tall in the face of adversity. It has brought us all closer and strengthened our resolve. I am extremely proud of each and every one of you. Especially you, Marcus,"

she looked in my direction and offered a quick wink, "You have made great progress in your struggle to gain control of your powers. When we first met, you were a slave

to whatever took hold of you on any given day. Now you stand before me as a powerful asset to our group. Tomorrow, we set out for Brazil. By Ferus's calculations, we

should reach out target in another month. Hold strong, my friends. Our time grows near." When she had finished speaking, everyone cheered and clapped. There was

something about the way she spoke, the tone of her voice and her body language, that amped people up. I could see how she achieved the rank of general. After things

calmed down, everyone made their way to bed. For the first time since this ordeal started, I felt like I was going to get some real sleep. I was confident that I would

gain full control soon, but even though I had made such substantial progress, my journey was only beginning.

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