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baileyamos Just Trying.
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Sorry for the terrible title everyone, I've always sucked at titles. Anyways this is partly true, the girl I like will see this story, she sees all my stories, but hopefully she knows its about her.

The Girl

One day I was going to a local coffee shop to get some coffee, and just do some work for my company on my laptop in a public setting. After I got my coffee I went and sat down at a table.

I opened up my laptop and pulled up the payroll form that I need to finish, luckily I'm close to being done. I only have 72 more of employees out of 632 to finish.

When I was finally down to 20 people left, I saw an old friend of mine. I doubt she noticed me since I've changed so much.

I lock my laptop, close it, and go up to her and ask if I could pay for her coffee, and whatever else she wanted.

After I offered I started to explain to her who I was, and the look on her face was kind of shocked, but surprised.

She was a really good friend of mine, she supported me and my transition more than I could ask for. I lost contact with her after I got busy with my company.

She let me buy her coffee and a piece of cake, and we just sat and talked. I couldn't help but notice how nothing has really changed about her.

She still has her brown hair, her beautiful smile, and her caring and loveable personality. I don't think she knows that I like her, and that I have for a while.

I wish I would've said something, but I was to scared to. As we were leaving, I noticed she found me and sent me a friend request on facebook. We talk a lot, and still to this day we talk.

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