The Girl Pt. 2
The Girl Pt. 2 part 2 stories

baileyamos Just Trying.
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Sorry its been a while since I've uploaded a story, but I just wrote and finished this one today, and its kinda sad, but I hope you guys enjoy it. I have a better story coming your way soon, but I'm still working on it.

The Girl Pt. 2

After we left, we kept in contact and basically talked everyday. I was hoping she may have found out by now, but she hasn’t.

It didn’t really bother me that she hasn’t figured it out, we kept in contact and I didn’t tell her, she never asked if I was in a relationship anyways,

so I figured I wouldn’t ask her and I’d keep to myself about having a huge crush on her.

We kept talking about random things, we had a goal of writing a story or maybe even a book together one day, we talked about it, and talked about, hoping it may one day be in the nearish future.

We planned before that to write at least a few short stories together to get a hang of both of our writing styles. Days went by as we continued talking about whatever it may be.

School was basically right around the corner and we were both getting ready for that, we’re both Seniors this year so it's going to be a fun year for both of us,

even though we go to two different schools.

It was a few days before school started, and I brought up the story and the girl never realising it was her, but after that I followed up with, “What if I told you it was you”.

She has yet to see that message, and any of the messages that follow. I believe she saw it in her notifications bar, and just didn’t want to deal with me anymore.

I miss talking to her, I miss her random messages, and her positivity, something that helped me out a lot.

Just talking to her made my day better and now I don’t think I’ll ever see or hear from her again.

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