Dear Depression and Anxiety
Dear Depression and Anxiety anxiety stories
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baileyamos Just Trying.
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Depression and Anxiety are both terrible, and are a terrible combination and I happened to get stuck with both. I have some really good friends who also struggle with both, and we help each other as much as possible. This was made to bring awareness to it, and show just a few of my personal problems with them.

Dear Depression and Anxiety

Dear Depression and Anxiety,

You're the reason I'm always scared to try something new. You're the reason I'm to scared to talk to new people.

You're the reason I hate getting out of bed, and sleep a lot more than somebody normally would.

It's thanks to you that I can't hold a relationship because I feel that I'm causing to much trouble for the other person. It's because of you that I over think even the tiniest thing.

It's because of you that I don't sleep at night, then sleep till 1 in the afternoon. It's because of you I always look tired, and that's how I play it off and hide you.

It's because of you that I lose everyone. It's because of you that I'm scared to even truly be myself. Sure I can hide you from other people, but I can't hide you from me.

You know what though? Everyday I wakeup and get out of bed, I beat you. Everyday I'm able to go to work and talk to my co workers and enjoy my day, I beat you.

Everyday I laugh at a joke and I smile, I beat you. When I see even the tiniest thing I like about myself, I beat you.

Sure you may be winning this battle, but as long as I can do these things and beat you, I'll win the war. I'm not scared of you, but one day you won't ever have a chance of winning.

On that day, we'll declare this fight over, with me on top as the winner. You may have stopped me from writing for about 7 years, but I'm back to it, and that's how I'll win.

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