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This words was born after 6 months of love and lies...

By: Bagis Memis


by Bagis Memis


The man who had lost his trust to everyone

Believed in you, like no other one

You lighted my blacked heart on

To kill it completely its now done.

Could smell the love of my heart again

Believed in the words you explained

You story, you love and you pain

So please tell me, why u was playing

With a man that already was laying.

I told the hole story to you, i had

In my luggage with good and bad

Now im writing this and im fucking sad

My brain is tired, thoughts not leave my head

In home the letters of 3 was placing

Hearts, flowers and candles dancing

Every second was like lovely dreaming

Painfully, memories is the only remaining

Begging GOD to just stop my breathing

You can continue, i know it

Like you always have done it

A new name so you can note it

In you phone, in you book or tablet.

Keep trying with another and another one

Just, just remember you was my only one.

Good luck to you and my princess

Little hearts, only love that is timeless

Dont think about me, im now heartless

Herşeyim take care of myself

life is so cruelest...

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