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Finally my Q&A for everyone!

Q & A!!!

Hey guys!! Sorry, I wasn't exact on the time, I did say about 9:30 lol. Let's go ahead and start!! :)

1. Does your mom know that you use Commaful?

A: I'm pretty sure that she knows that I use writing/poetry websites, but I'm not sure whether she knows that it's Commaful.

2. What's your favourite food?

A: This is actually hard because I LOVE food XD If I had to choose, it would be chicken lol

3. What's your favourite movie?

A: Oh geeeeeezzzzz... I love Harry Potter a lot, but I would have to pick Anastasia! I love the movie and the play.

4. What's your favourite book?

A: AHHHHHHH Literally I love reading and I read so much this is always hard... Gotta put my thinking cap on... I honestly can't answer this lol

5. What is your favourite genre to read/write?

A: I love writing and reading fiction, but I also love to read fantasy and historical fiction.

6. If you were a scent, what would you be?

A: Ooh~ this is a good question! A lavender or coconut smell(it's a long story XD)

7. Who is your biggest inspiration?

A: My biggest inspiration is my boyfriend(that probably sounds so basic). We both do figure skating together, and he's always there for me and encourages me to do my best at everything I do.

8. Why do you like to write?

A: This is going to be long, I can feel it. I love to write for many different reasons:

- I write because it helps me forget myself. I've had many problems with my family and friends in the past few years, so I write to forget who I am.

- I write for others. I write because I've experienced things, things not everyone gets to experience, and I know it will benefit others.

- I write for fun.

I love getting on Commaful every day and read funny stories from the people I follow like @animekitty1 and @friedchicken,

and I want others to get that same laughter or feeling from my writing as well.

Woah, that was a lot more than I thought I was going to write. Thanks to everyone who asked me questions and have supported me on Commaful in the past month or so!

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